What ages do you teach? 

From 6 to infinity!

Do I need a piano? 

I suggest you start with a good quality digital piano with sustain pedal.  The day will come when you realize that there is nothing like a high quality acoustic piano.

How much should my child practice?  

Everyday, between 30 minutes to 2 hours.  It really depends on the age and what goals have been set.

What books should I get? 

I keep a large selection of books in stock or will order what you need.  I expect payment for materials upon receipt.

Do you teach students to play with chords or by ear? 

Not directly.  Eventually chords are learned and playing by ear is discovered.  A curriculum based on chords does not fully develop the student’s ability.  Playing by ear is a wonderful by- product of a strong technical and music theory core.  I enjoy both paths and gladly share my knowledge with students.