What others say!

Mr. Jeff Scott was my piano teacher from the beginning of my lessons at age 6 through high school graduation. As a teacher, Mr. Scott was encouraging and positive in his lessons, but also taught respect and discipline. He encouraged me to develop a love for classical music but also allowed me to play other genres I enjoyed. Performing in studio recitals was a requirement, which helped me to develop presentation skills that have helped me in all areas of my life. I will always remember that Mr. Scott required each student to bow after their performance – and if a student forgot, he and the student would walk back up to the piano and make sure it was done!

Mr. Scott instilled in me a love of music, which led me to pursue a music degree and helped me secure a music scholarship at Furman University. I often refer to his teaching techniques for the two students I teach currently. My family and I were glad that we chose Mr. Scott and would recommend his studio to anyone in the southern Delaware area.

– Kelly Jones

I had the honor of having Mr. Scott as my piano teacher for a couple years when I was in high school. Before he was my teacher, I had reached a point where my technical foundation on the piano was solid, but I had lost some of my passion to be a piano player. Mr. Scott helped reinvigorate my desire to play the piano, as he is willing to allow his students to learn some songs they want to learn, which may be outside of the traditional classical music that students typically learn. That being said, Mr. Scott still has his expectations and holds his students accountable to improve their piano skill set and learn/respect the history of music from each of the periods of classical music.

What I most admire about Mr. Scott is that his primary purpose of teaching is to see his students improve and reach their maximum potential. If you have the desire to become a great piano player are are willing to put in the work, Mr. Scott will get you to where you want to go.

– Sungo Wang

The most patient teacher there is.

– Peter Gobell